How Via Response Works

  • Secure cloud-based, mobile curriculum bank
  • Real-time learner analytics and grade book
  • Mobile assessments, case studies and social learning tools
  • No software or hardware installation required
  • Synchronous and asynchronous student engagement
  • Native Apps and HTML 5 support any device
  • Participate remotely in live lecture sessions
  • Immediate feedback on performance
  • Peer-based learning and discussion tools
  • Cost-effective compared to clicker devices

Question and Assessment Manager

Via's simple curriculum design wizards enable instructors to get started in 15 minutes or less. Instructors can quickly develop curriculum and assessment content that can be delivered "on the fly" to learners' mobile devices at anytime. With Via, reusable mobile learning objects are created once, and then securely stored in the cloud for immediate use in any course configuration (live-lecture, hybrid, or online). Learning objects can be presented individually, or can be quickly added to synchronous assessments, homework, social learning sessions or surveys.

Grade/Performance Analytics

Student responses are automatically uploaded to Via's cloud-based analytics data bank in real-time, and are immediately available to instructors. Responses are automatically graded and available for export into performance analytics reports. Instructors can access and manage grade/performance data anytime, from any device. Via provides raw points, cumulative grade data, and actual response data for flexible analytical reporting. Via's grade book is seamlessly integrated with most LMS vendors through simple wizards, making the administration of performance and grade data a quick and simple task.

Engaging Your Students From Any Location At Anytime

With Via Response, instructors deliver mobile content to learners, and easily assess and measure student understanding and retention in real-time. Learners can engage in a course from any location, using any mobile device or laptop. Because Via Response provides a robust suite of both synchronous and asynchronous engagement tools, it is ideally suited for any class configuration – traditional classrooms, large lecture, hybrid, and distance learning. Learners have the choice of using native apps on any Apple or Android device, or an HTML 5 browser interface. As a result, virtually every mobile device or laptop is supported.

iPhone Mitosis

Performance Feedback

Learners always know how they are performing with Via Response. Every response is immediately and securely stored, which greatly reduces the risk of data loss due to network connectivity issues. Instructors will no longer hear "Did You Get My Response?", which is the norm when using traditional clicker student response systems.

Via Response also enables instructors to optionally publish graded assessments and learning objects to student mobile devices. The result is a mobile study guide directory that is ideal for post-assessment learning or for "on the job" performance support.