Via Response for Administrators

Security & FERPA

FERPA compliance is built in. Via Response secures roster and student participation data through controlled methods, greatly surpassing the ad hoc methods being utilized in classroom response systems today. No more worrying about hundreds of instances of student identifiable data on an instructor’s laptop, home computer, spreadsheets, and thumb drives. Security updates are instantly installed as soon as they are available. Physical security is assured in a tier one data center and encrypted traffic keeps all information private. Sign up here and receive our FERPA compliance white paper.

Reduce Support Requests

Via Response reduces the calls to learning support services. With a completely bring your own device deployment, there is no software to install or maintain. No more scrambling for firmware and software updates for proprietary audience response systems. Because Via Response works like other popular applications your instructors are already using, their overall time to proficiency is greatly reduced. Video Quick Start Guides will have instructors up and running within 15 minutes. Advanced features are developed as they use and grow with the application.

Via Response's LMS and SIS Integrations

Much has been said about "integration." You probably haven’t been impressed. Support calls from EACH instructor trying to select the right class and web function is in the realm of rapidly diminishing return over flat files. At Via Response, we took a totally different approach. Being a cloud based service, we provide a powerful single integration with four web services. That’s it. As far as the instructors are concerned, the roster data is magically available handling all drops, adds and participation point exports.

We work with you to set instances and timing and all is controlled by IT so there are virtually no support calls around roster and grades. All major LMS’s are supported and because we have built out the web methods, it is easy for us to work with you on other systems.

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